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Sunline Ultra-Lite Que 5.4 RE - Albany

The 2007 Sunline Ultra-Lite Que 5.4 RE Trailer is all about making drop of a hat decisions... like decisions to hit the road and set off for adventure. It doesn't matter whether your pulling in to the football game parking lot or exploring a new mountaintop hideaway the Sunline Ultra-Lite Que Trailer is the perfect road companion, especially for couples since it sleeps two. The Sunline Ultra-Lite Que 5.4 RE Trailer comes with an aerodynamic exterior, aluminum-framed fiberglass sidewalls, curved front-cap design and extended wide-track 15" aluminum wheels. The best part is you don't need a large SUV so fuel-efficient towing with small SUVs and sport wagons works fine. Specifications for this travel travel trailer include an interior height of 6' 4", and 17' 7" x 7' 0" x 9' 7" dimensions.

Price: $15,900.00