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Georgie Boy "Cruise Master" - Sacramento

The instrumental panel puts controls within the driver's reach.
The seats are made to maximize comfort even during long hours of driving.
All cabinet doors are made of solid oak.
It has extra-large tinted-glass windows.
The bathroom has all the necessities; shower, toilet, and sink plus plenty of space to move around comfortably.
Storage is generous and includes 4 clothes closet, plus more. Kitchen has plenty of storage too. Outside storage is from side-to-side on both sides. Storage is very abundant.
Bedroom has comfortable mattress with plenty of storage underneath.
Kitchen has a recessed range top. Use the range for cooking then fold down a cover that's flush with and matches counters to give you additional work space. The range has 4 burners and an oven. It has a microwave and a large double porcelain sink with a single lever faucet; it also has a large refrigerator--freezer.
Tires are in excellent condition, almost new.

Price: $12,999.00