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Dodge "The Executive" - Pierre

1976 Dodge "The Executive". This RV is in excellent condition and the engine runs strong and reliable. I just had it smogged in July which is good for a year. The original engine had about 90 k miles, and the previous owner put in a new engine which has about 1,000 miles. I personally hand painted this RV because the previous color was solid black which I thought was unattractive and an eyesore. NEW TIRES. Lights and wipers work. There is a gas generator which runs strong and starts up every time. Pretty much everything works. There is a fridge and a gas stove, both of which work but i never use. Also there is water pump that runs, making for a functional sink and toilet. The only thing that I think doesnt work is the air conditioning unit I cant seem to figure out how to operate. There are four single bunk style beds, and a wooden panel that fits across the lower 2 beds creating a king size bed. Ive been living in this RV for about 2-3 months now and I absolutely love it. Ive never had any trouble with mechanics or people. When I got this RV, I drove it down all the way from LA, and now I keep the driving daily but minimal just to move from parking spot to parking spot. Im putting in a new fuel filter and air filter and recently changed the oil. Im only selling because my girlfriend and I have decided to relocate out of the country.

Price: $3,500.00