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cargo trailer - Phoenix

This is a custom built camper made from a new cargo trailer. 5 x 10. 6' ceiling. i have a five thousand pound axle with standered springs. it is ready for cosmetic work and needs fixtures. it comes with a new fridgeade, very low amps ideal for a batt trickel.ceramic heater, porta pot and 7 inch tv. i am not able to finish due to back problems. it sleeps two. The bed/couch is 6' long. i had it designed for less than 1000 pounds dry weight. It has a bow on the hitch. For extra room, this area is for sink and counter top. eletric is a/c ready for any convertor or run direct. i am asking $4900. It has 14" tires, everything on it is new. the trailer was built by look trailers. steel tubing w/power white aluminam skin. i have a 3/4" installation all thought. i designed it to be pulled by a small car with a 1000 lbs, i also have blue prints for the hole project. needs window. a/c spoiler/cargo or ideal for camp, fish and will save you gas! rides tight to the road smooth ride.

Price: $4,900.00